761 – Los Angeles

All work, with the exception of HVAC within the City Limits of the City of Los Angeles, industrial piping and refrigeration service in Los Angeles County, as follows: Beginning at the Ventura County line and following along Long Valley Road Southeast to Mulholland Drive; Along Mulholland Drive to Beverly Glen Boulevard; North on Beverly Glen Boulevard and Van Nuys Boulevard to the Los Angeles River; East on the Los Angeles River to Newell Street, across River directly to the South terminus of Eagle Rock Boulevard; North on Eagle Rock Boulevard to York Boulevard; East on York Boulevard to the South Pasadena City Limits; North along the South Pasadena and Pasadena City Limits to the Glendale City Limits; North along Glendale City Limits to Chevy Chase Drive; North on Chevy Chase Drive to Foothill Boulevard; East on Foothill Boulevard to Angeles Crest Highway; North on Angeles Crest Highway to a point due North of Crystal Lake; South to Crystal Lake, then due East to the Los Angeles County line. Starting at the Pacific Ocean , Along the Ventura-Los Angeles County line to Long Valley Road; East on Long Valley Road to Mulholland Drive; East on Mulholland to Beverly Glen Boulevard; South on Beverly Glen Boulevard to Pico Boulevard; West on Pico Boulevard to Overland Avenue; South on Overland Avenue to Playa Street; Southwest on Playa Street to Centinela Avenue; Southeast on Centinela Avenue; Southeast on Centinela to the San Diego Freeway; Southeast on San Diego Freeway to La Tijera Boulevard; South on La Tijera Boulevard to Aviation Boulevard; South on Aviation Boulevard to Gould and Redondo Beach Boulevards; East on Redondo Beach Boulevard to Flagler Street; South on Flagler Street to Beryl Street; West on Beryl Street to Prospect Avenue; South on Prospect Avenue to the Pacific Coast Highway; West on Pacific Coast Highway to the intersection of Palo Verdes Drive and Avenue ā€œIā€; West on Avenue ā€œIā€ to the Pacific Ocean.

Work in regards to Sewage Treatment / Water Reclamation / Water Filtration / Water Treatment Plants / or any plants designed or built for processing; handling; converting; filtrating; treating; of water; sewage; sludge; or drainage refer to the work assignments by the General Office of the United Association as agreed upon between Locals 250 and 761.