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Landscape and Irrigation Fitter

A Landscape and Irrigation Fitter's work revolves around site development including the installation of irrigation, sewer & storm industrial piping, and other landscaping work construction projects. More specifically, the work includes digging trenches, installing pipes, fittings, valves, outlets, spray heads, and accessories; connecting the system to utilities; installing the electronic control system; backfilling trenches; seeding; sodding; and establishment of trees, shrubs and ground cover.

Work is outdoors and may include installing metal, plastic, cement pipes and tubing. Layout of water pipes, tubing, irrigation and drainage systems, including computerized control systems. Multiple installation methods, cutting, threading pipe, and join plastic pipe joints with solvent or fusion welds. Working conditions range from dusty, dry weather to muddy, wet seasons. Apprentices are required to use picks and shovels at times lifting very heavy loads, so apprentices should have a good physical stamina and be able to lift properly.

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